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Thank you for choosing Generous Consulting, Inc employment opportunities as possible home for your dynamic career. We are seeking motivated and results driven individuals that are able to develop, sustain, and retain clientele for the consultant position. We are also looking for a student for an internship. 

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voluntary internship

​minimal requirements

Seeking a learning and business focused individual for a voluntary internship to handle administrative, social media, and educational tasks that will ensure a learning experience in operations, finance, and marketing. Candidate must be a self-starter and understands urgency. Great opportunity to learn and grow while still in school.

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sr. business Consultant

career description

Business consultants provide an analysis of the existing practices of a company and make recommendations for improvements. These professionals frequently specialize in one area of business management, such as human resources. For example, a hospital may hire a healthcare business consultant to help further develop its employee training programs or a distribution center may hire a logistics business consultant to streamline its shipping department.

​Duties for business consultants generally begin with understanding what clients wish to improve or fix. This may include reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors, and analyzing business practices. Once research is complete, business consultants may develop a new business model or prepare recommendations and present them to the client.

Consultants typically need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business management or business administration. Other business-related fields, such as marketing or accounting, may be appropriate for those entering this career. Courses in a business program may include accounting, management principles, financial modeling, business law, marketing,, and communications. An advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in consulting, may improve career possibilities and may result in higher compensation. Programs typically include courses in strategic management, consulting practices, and business development.

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